Why we need to rage?

September 4, 2008

Here in my small nook, I write things which I find and observe to be true. In my lofty tower, I feel the sense of helplessness, looking at my 5-month baby and thinking what future lies ahead for him. With prices soaring to the high heavens and systems breaking down all around, I’m really afraid that somehow, something will happen and will affect my family.

I mean, look. One needs at least 15,000 pesos to survive. You have five mouths to feed. You have a kilo of rice at 40-45 pesos and you need at least 2 kilos per day, right? You have viands to buy, gasoline to keep your car running and occasional expenses for clothing and entertainment. I know some people who continues to survive at 6,000 pesos, but boy, look at them. They’re emasciated as if they’re ghosts!

On top of this, you have thousands of pesos worth of electricity and water bills that you need to pay. 

Sometimes I think that our lack of rage against these things lead to our continued poverty. I mean, we have the right to demand better living standards but hey, government and these big companies are continuing to fool us and rob us of our hard-earned money and leaving us with nothing!

There should be a time to stop all of these. And what better time to do it but now. Because if we don’t act soon, we might find ourselves digging our graves deeper.