War profit–who are the AFP generals benefitting from Mindanao war?

Who’s supplying those arms, ammo, and mortar to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in this war in Mindanao? How much money are we spending bombarding those alleged camps and fortifications of the MILF? How much money have the government released to help thousands of displaced families out there in those provinces? Net–who is benefitting from this escalating conflict?

From 1975 to 2007, we have been spending close to P 300 billion for the war in Mindanao. With this recent one, expect this to climb higher. With this amount, government should identify the beneficiaries of these wars. I’m sure those arms dealers are laughing their way to the bank with this one, since this conflict is sure bonanza, with dealers arming both camps. How many millions are the MILF and the AFP spending for this shooting war?

Is this the “legitimate” reward of Gloria to her generals? In the past, Gloria has been giving lasting gifts to her allies. Look at what Mike Defensor got–a whopping US$ 150 million peso nickel lode. Other Gloria allies are getting their own share of the loot of Gloria.

Is this war the obvious reward of Gloria to her trusty generals, to keep them in line and possibly, prepare them for a longer engagement with her possibly beyond 2010? Who are the generals benefitting from arms deals in this war? 

Government must be upfront in exposing who are those involved in (1) ammo supplies (2) bombs supplies (3) mortar rounds supplies and lastly, those brand new M-16 and M-14? Likewise, government should account for those guns which the PNP gave to vigilantes in Mindanao. Who is the financier of all these?


One Response to War profit–who are the AFP generals benefitting from Mindanao war?

  1. looser says:

    Who are the foreign alien entities that are benefiting from that?

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