Boycott Shell and Total Now!


Raise the banner of the New Philippine Revolution!

Raise the banner of the New Philippine Revolution!

Today, apologists for beleaguered illegitimate Philippine president Gloria Arroyo tried to go around town in defense of their boss. They say that the recent low ratings of Arroyo could only be attributed to one thing–the global economic crisis. 


While they find better alibis, Bayan Muna unveiled the ugliest Gloria effigy of all time. Bayan Muna secretary general says that they’ll burn this effigy in time for Gloria’s SONA this Monday. They expect at least 15,000 young people to go out in the streets on Monday. Civil society meanwhile, expects to break the previous strong showing at Ayala at the height of the ZTE controversy.

While all these are going on, Shell and Total raised their pump prices of gasoline and diesel by about 1 peso. This is after global oil prices continue to drop. 

Pinoy Youth Rage urge all young Filipinos and those of their families to boycott these two oil companies. Mapagsamantala sila at kailangan silang patawan ng katarungang pambayan! (They are opportunists and they deserve to get the people’s justice!)

These foreign oil companies should not be allowed to operate their businesses here in this country. They are leeches which destroy us. They profit from our hard-earned monies and our government is allowing them to do their evil things here.

Oust Gloria and out Shell and Total!!

O, Pinoy Youth, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!


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