State Of the Neurotic Administration (SONA)

July 27, 2008

Tomorrow, Illegitimate president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will again address the House of Representatives. As tradition dictates, she’ll present a report and an agenda. This report is supposedly a true and honest account of what government has done to achieve the previous year’s SONA. And Gloria is supposed to give an agenda to guide legislators on the priority bills this year.

Oppositionists say Gloria will just lie and picture what Makati mayor Jejomar Binay said: “..a situation where people are not hungry, oil is cheap…and government officials are honest”. United Opposition (UNO) spokesman Adel Tamano meanwhile enjoined the people to just listen to the “true” State of the Nation (SONA) along Congressional Avenue and in Makati to have a grasp of the true realities of Philippine life.

True, Gloria would probably lie to us and say that she and her mafia gang are doing something to arrest what the Inquirer said, is the continuing slide of major institutions of governance to corruption and decay. Gloria would picture the “success” of her administration in solving some of the basic problems we face today. These lies would make us catatonic again, making us complacent and inutile. What Gloria is doing is weaving a tapestry of intricate lies and half-truths that as a whole, picture a stable nation.

The real question here is what will we do about it? If we are being lied about by this usurper, are we supposed to do something about it? Are we just to go to Congressional avenue and listen to alternate viewpoints? 

These opposition groups should provide an answer. They should enjoin the people to act accordingly. For, in not doing so, they are being negligent of their very job of being fiscalizers and true change agents. It is not enough to comment or make aspersions about Gloria. This is the time for them, the opposition, to provide some answers so that truly, the People will see, feel and hear that they do, indeed, represent the interests of the masses. 

To the Opposition–don’t provide us with empty talk. The people already know we’re all in deep shit. Provide us direction and guide us on what to do with a monumental problem like Gloria.


Boycott Shell and Total Now!

July 26, 2008


Raise the banner of the New Philippine Revolution!

Raise the banner of the New Philippine Revolution!

Today, apologists for beleaguered illegitimate Philippine president Gloria Arroyo tried to go around town in defense of their boss. They say that the recent low ratings of Arroyo could only be attributed to one thing–the global economic crisis. 


While they find better alibis, Bayan Muna unveiled the ugliest Gloria effigy of all time. Bayan Muna secretary general says that they’ll burn this effigy in time for Gloria’s SONA this Monday. They expect at least 15,000 young people to go out in the streets on Monday. Civil society meanwhile, expects to break the previous strong showing at Ayala at the height of the ZTE controversy.

While all these are going on, Shell and Total raised their pump prices of gasoline and diesel by about 1 peso. This is after global oil prices continue to drop. 

Pinoy Youth Rage urge all young Filipinos and those of their families to boycott these two oil companies. Mapagsamantala sila at kailangan silang patawan ng katarungang pambayan! (They are opportunists and they deserve to get the people’s justice!)

These foreign oil companies should not be allowed to operate their businesses here in this country. They are leeches which destroy us. They profit from our hard-earned monies and our government is allowing them to do their evil things here.

Oust Gloria and out Shell and Total!!

O, Pinoy Youth, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

Show your R.A.G.E.

July 26, 2008

When things start to get bad, think of ways to solve it. When things get worst, act and be resolute. Nothing will happen if you try to sit and relax. Problems will never get solve by that.

Pinoy Youth Rage aims to enlighten Filipinos and urge them to act now before its too late. Things are getting worse and it is time for every Filipino to stand up and be counted.